GASSANI LLC has appeared on the Azerbaijan market quite recently and cannot claim to be praised for its loud words of praise. However, we have every chance to take one of the leading positions among suppliers of natural tea in Azerbaijan. This tea consists only of a tea leafs! When brewing tea for the first time, our customer understands that’s how it should be opened, and have that rich black color. Try it, and you will understand everything yourself. At the moment, GASSANI tea assortment is represented by a line of weight black Azerbaijani tea, green and natural blended teas with fruits packed in 100 g, 200 g and 1 kg.

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Are you looking for high quality tea? Gassani offers the largest collections of premium tea consistently fresh and available. So please do not hesitate to contact us in any way you prefer.
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Baku, AZ 1000, Azerbaijan